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Countdown Delux

Forget about workdays. Countdown Delux is an app that is focused on doing one thing really well. Countdown takes advantage of the latest iOS features to make your life even more fun and satisfying.
    • Universal app for iPhone with a perfectly focused design.
    • Edit images with the built in editor to create amazing backgrounds.
    • Change color and opacity on the text, date counter and event bar separately.
    • Drag the counter anywhere on the screen.
    • Professional and beautiful retina images included.
It does what it say it does. Great simple easy to use app. Love the ability to share my count downs. 5 stars.
Great countdown app with nice interface. Love the included option to edit images in-app and to save my summer vacation event as a background for my lockscreen.
Excellent, I love apps that do one thing really well.

Measure Plus

TOP 10 Utility Application in several countries

Do you want to easily and accurately measure everything from anywhere, simply by using your iPhone or iPad? Then you need the must-have app Measure Plus!

Measure Plus instantly transforms your iPad or iPhone into a digital ruler and spirit level that can be used to measure real-world objects, surfaces and distances.

How Measure Plus Works

Start by holding your device – either vertically or horizontally – on the surface of whatever you wish to measure. For measuring spirit levels, you simply tilt their device accordingly.

Instantly, the app displays a measurement based on your device’s outer dimensions. For spirit levels, the real-time inclination displays in degrees. For an even more precise measurement, you simply tap and hold their screen to manually bring up the app’s crosshairs.

Ideal Layout

Measure Plus also features a refreshingly un-cluttered measurement grid and an elegant animated water level that will be appreciated by all kinds of users – including on-the-job professionals who need tools, not toys.

Additional Special Features

With Measure Plus, you can also quickly and easily:
> Save your measurements to the app’s clipboard
> Reset your measurement and start over
> Access advanced settings to change the unit of measurement (toggle inch/cm, etc.).

If you’re beautifying or protecting your device with a case, then that’s no problem! Measure Plus allows you to easily customize your device’s outer dimensions, so that you’ll get the accurate measurements you expect.

Finally found an app that helps measure when I don't have tools. Nice interface and easy to use.
This app helps me a lot! Now I can measure whatever with my ipad! Thanks for making this app!
Love it. this digital ruler app is incredibly simple and handy to measure objects if you don't have a instrument near by. The accuracy is pretty impressive, nice app, worth a recommendation, definitely.

Counters Pro

Everything Counts.

Clean tally counters for iOS7. Create unlimited number of counters and easily tap to count up or down as you track various things in your life.

You may need to count a lot of different things in your daily life. Inventory in a store, keeping track of laps in a foot race, recording daily attendance in a classroom. Count your daily pushups.

Use counters to keep a count of everything from the number of coffees you’ve been drinking to inventories. Or people. Or just about anything you can imagine.

  • Provides unlimited different counters, each which counts up or down when you tap it. One finger tap to count up and two finger tap to count down, a three finger tap resets the counter.
  • Set your goal and let the counter tell you when the goal is reached.
  • Show history: Counters archives and saves a history of all your counters that has reached your goal or has been deleted.
  • Share your counters using social media, e-mail or iMessage.
  • Choose between different color schemes for your counters.
  • Easy icon based navigation.
  • Simple focused app that keeps tabs on how many times you do anything.
This will I benefit greatly from on the job! Great that you can set a target goal
Simple and easy to use tally counter with good style
This app is an excellent tool able to enhance your achievements, showing you exactly how far and close you're from your goals! TOP!
Bullstreet Magazine was a Newsstand App for iphone and iPad, released to the Swedish market. It was a part of a site for investors, by investors and was released twice each month.


Readers could enjoy articles with stock investment advice, interviews with leaders in the industry and other related material.


This app, and the website for Bullstreet is unfortunately a discontinued project.

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