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We deliver professional Apps and are there from start to finish, let us make the first sketch together and discuss your future success story. Don't worry, you only have to have an idea and we make it real.


KB Fredag creates great Apps and amazing Sites with extra-ordinary design. We can make your dream project become reality in an easy, fun and professional way.



We create apps. Simple and user friendly apps with a great interface. Do you have an outstanding app idea? We make them possible.


If you need a site built for you, with focus on the most important things which leads to: Happy users, Happy you, Great Profit


Do you need good advice or a management resource? We have great experience of startups and other fast-moving projects. Let’s have fun and share a great future together!


We are true IT professionals, that means business. We deliver results that you and your boss will approve. We rather don’t talk bits and bytes and we don’t see IT as a religion and paint ourself in a corner. We offer and deliver what is best for you.


We are experts in:
– Advanced IT services and project management
– App development, design and distribution
– Web site design and all the advanced features you wan’t


This will I benefit greatly from on the job! Great that you can set a target goal
Simple and easy to use tally counter with good style
This app is an excellent tool able to enhance your achievements, showing you exactly how far and close you're from your goals! TOP!
It does what it say it does. Great simple easy to use app. Love the ability to share my count downs. 5 stars.
Great countdown app with nice interface. Love the included option to edit images in-app and to save my summer vacation event as a background for my lockscreen.
Excellent, I love apps that do one thing really well.
Finally found an app that helps measure when I don't have tools. Nice interface and easy to use.
This app helps me a lot! Now I can measure whatever with my ipad! Thanks for making this app!
Love it. this digital ruler app is incredibly simple and handy to measure objects if you don't have a instrument near by. The accuracy is pretty impressive, nice app, worth a recommendation, definitely.
This app is a great measuring tool and level and is extremely simple to configure and use. Highly recommended!
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